The New Deal: Inventors of the Industry

In the early days of Ettore Steccone journey here in America he started as a window cleaner.  Being unsatisfied by the tools given to him, he decided to take matters into his own hands and ended up designing what we know now as the original squeegee.  

When he first introduced his product to the market he brough it to one of the largest and most well known suppliers of window cleaning tools at that time was the J. Racenstein Company located in New York City. When Ettore took his new invention to them and they summarily rejected it. This time however, Ettore made a wager with the owner. He bet him the best hat in New York City, that within one month the J. Racenstein Company would come begging to buy his revolutionary new squeegee.

With that bet in mind, Ettore began giving away his new squeegee to all his fellow window cleaners asking them just to try it out for one day on the job to see if they didn’t agree that his tool was far superior to anything that they were currently using. His marketing plan worked. Window cleaners were asking where they could purchase Ettore’s new squeegee and he happily told them to contact the J. Racenstein Company.

Diane Smahlik is the daughter of Ettore Steccone