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I have a broken tip on my REA-C-H extension pole, can this be replaced?

I received a duster with smashed bristles, do they eventually come back into form or do I need to return?

I have a pro grip 18” squeegee that the rubber blade cracked apart, are the rubber blades under a warranty?

Where can I purchase replacement rubber? On your product page it says to contact for info.

What is the difference between Pro & Consumer REACH Pole?

Do you guys ship international?

I have the pro grip and the two screws on the rear of it are scraping and denying my wooden window frames, I have to stop short of the lip of the frame in order to prevent this occurring defeating the use of using it.

Is the 18" replacement rubber the same profile and fit as the 12"? The 18" is cheaper than the 12" on Amazon and I can trim it. Thanks

How do I clean the microfiber cloth on the window cleaner tool? Can it be removed and go in the washing machine?

I have the ceiling fan brush 48211. Which pole will this brush fit onto?

If i was looking to buy in bulk can i get a wholesale price?