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Green Initiative

Sustainability Products

Ettore Products Company has allocated considerable resources to combat pollution waste through the removal of plastic from our packaging, raising awareness about the sustainability of our products, and incorporating recycled materials as necessary.

Priority Moving Forward

In 2022, Ettore Products Company prioritized educating our customers about our Green Initiative. Leveraging our 85-year legacy of innovation in the Window Cleaning Industry with the creation of the modern-day squeegee, we remain steadfast in our dedication to offering top-quality sustainable tools.

Our commitment goes beyond mere packaging redesign; we now guarantee that our packaging is recycled, in line with our objective of reducing environmental waste. Throughout the years, we've continuously strived to become an eco-friendly company. And now, we're thrilled to announce that we're taking further steps to educate and drive meaningful action in promoting sustainability.

Statements We Are Trying To Execute

Grip'n Grab Cleaning


The longevity of our products is attributed to the high-quality materials used in our manufacturing, ensuring a simplified cleaning experiences.

Window Washer


While our products are recyclable (ABS, Nylon, PP, and HDPE), it is essential to note that they are not constructed from recyclable materials.

Aquaclean Washing Windows


By opting for reusable products, you contribute to saving the planet by reducing waste pollution, and harmful chemicals.

Squeegee Cleaning


With our lifetime rubber, our products aid in reducing the consumption of single-use paper towels and other disposable items.

Measurements Taken To Achieve Goal

30116 Squeegee Off Soap

Redesign Packaging

In 2021, our packaging used an average of 644,300 units of plastic. However, with the recent redesign, we have successfully eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

By removing plastic from our packaging, we have doubled the product capacity per container, effectively reducing the carbon footprint per shipment.

30116 Squeegee Off Soap

Step by Step Plan Infographic

Infographic Ettore Green Initiative

Participated Events


One of our initial steps was to contribute 32" Grip n Grabs and 3.5-gallon buckets to the Alameda Clean Water Program, which works diligently to ensure compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Coastal Clean Up Day 2022 with Alameda Clean Water Program.

Castro Valley, CA


Ettore participated in a local Earth Day event in Hayward, CA, hosted by the City of Hayward as part of their "Annual Earth Day Citywide Clean-Up and Community Fair" held at Weekes Park.

2023 Annual Earth Day Citywide Clean-Up and Community Fair with City of Hayward.

Hayward, CA


In our efforts to extend our presence into Southern California, we actively engaged in the Coastal Keepers' Annual Coastal Cleanup, a recurring event held every third weekend of September. As part of our contribution, we generously donated 50 units of our 32" Grip n Grabs.

Ventura County Coastal Cleanup Day 2023 with Coastal Keepers.

Oxnard, CA

Frequently Ask Questions

The Green Initiative is an approach to educate our customers about our eco-friendly / sustainble products.

Products are made from recycling materials like Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, and ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene (PP), and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastics.

Packaging is reyclebable if it can be collected, sorted, reprocessed, and ultimately reused in manufacturing or making another item.

Our Window Cleaning Tools are made from high quality and enduring materials that there is which mean no need to purchase constantly. 

Reduce indicates the elimination of plastic in our packaging by redesigning and eliminating plastic making packaging recycleable.

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