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Green Initiative

Sustainability Products

Ettore Products Company has committed significant resources to reduce pollution waste by eliminating plastic in our packaging, educating others about sustainability of our products, and using recycled materials when needed.

Priority Moving Forward

Educating our customers about our Sustainable Products is our undertaking for 2022. Ettore Products Company has contributed to the Window Cleaning Industry for 85 years by inventing the modern day squeegee. From creating the squeegee to selling household cleaning products Ettore has committed resources to sell the best sustainable tools and redesigning our packaging. That means that not only our products are recyclable but also the packaging in arrives in, thus helping our commitment to eliminate waste in our environment.

Over the years we have reduced and recycled. Now we’re making the effort to educate and take action!


Our products have a long term product life due to the manufacture materials being used to make cleaning simple and favorable.


Our products are recyclable however they are not made out of recyclable materials.


With reusable products your saving the planet by avoiding waste, pollution, harmful chemicals, etc.


Our products help reduce the use of single use paper towels or products with our lifetime rubber.

Redesign Packaging

We averaged 644,300 of plastic in our packaging in 2021 but now with the redesign of our packaging all plastic will be eliminated.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

With the elimination of plastic in our packaging the amount of product will double per container thus reducing the amount of carbon footprint per shipment.

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