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What is an Ettore Craftsman

In 1922, Ettore Steccone immigrated to the United States and chose window cleaning as his profession. In 1936, he invented the single-blade squeegee and changed the profession forever. Following in his footsteps are those with the same entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and commitment to their trade. These people are who we define as Ettore Craftsmen. With skill, dexterity and artistry, an Ettore Craftsman takes pride in their work and always strives for a job well done. They do not compromise on quality. Most importantly, an Ettore Craftsman believes in the power of sharing their passion, love, and knowledge so that they may empower the current and next generation of window cleaning professionals.

Ettore Craftsman Documentary Series
Episode 1: Superior Window Cleaning 

In the first episode of our Day In The Life Ettore Craftsman series we take a ride along with JD of Superior Window Cleaning based in San Jose, California. As a smaller owner and operator he gives us a view of how he manages his work and the type of clients he looks for. We even get a chance to speak with a long time customer who helped us understand how important it is to support local small businesses and build a strong community.

Episode 2: Gabe Spotless Window Cleaning 

This is Episode 2 of our Ettore Craftsman series featuring Gabriel Gutierrez, Owner of Gabe's Spotless Window Cleaning in Tucson Arizona. This episode we ride along with Gabe as he tells us stories about how he started his business, philosophies on managing his team, creating a winning culture and the impact window cleaners can have on people's lives.

Episode 3: Empire Highrise USA

In Episode 3 of our Ettore Craftsman series, we meet Jorge Aguilar, OSHA 1910 & IWCA certified safety instructor and owner of Empire Highrise USA and At Heights Training in Kansas City, MO. Jorge shares his journey of building a national highrise window cleaning business and his strong advocacy for safety in the industry.

Are you an Ettore Craftsman?

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