Ettore & The New Deal: Inventors of the Window Cleaning Industry

Listen to Diane Smahlik tell the infamous story of Ettore Sttecone hat. The hat that started it all for Ettore Products Company and the Window Cleaning industry.

"There's was a company based in New York who we still do business with called the J. Racenstein Company. They were called, what they called them not rag mongers, but something. They were in the rag business, and they sold stuff like that and everything. So he [Ettore] said that's who he had to get to sell his product. So he went back east and he went to [see] at the time George Racenstein."

Ettore Sttecone and George Racenstein conversation according to Diane Smahlik, Ettore's daughter.

[Ettore] this is my new tool and I really want you to sell it.
[George] That's a toy nobody's going to buy that thing, you expect me to sell that thing?
[Ettore] Well no. It's going to work everybody you know I've been giving it away where I am and everybody likes it. I think if you sell it you you're going to do good.
[George] I don't know.
[Ettore] Let's make a bet that within three to four weeks you're going to place an order for me if I lose i'll buy you a hat, if I win you buy me a hat you know one of the best hats in New York.
[George] Agreed

"So my father came back and made a bunch of squeegees and he had a friend of his and himself. They went out on the street and they gave it away, they said you know try this if you like it call J. Racenstein in New York and they'll help you take care of it. So he did that he went all over and within a month you know Mr. Racenstein had to concede that he had to place an order, and we have a hat and that's what he got. I'm not sure somewhere I know I have the date it's probably in the 40s but the Racenstein Company is still a customer of ours today."