Introducing the Ettore EZ1Pro+ Pure Water System

Since 1936, Ettore has been a leading innovator in the window cleaning field. Our revolutionary pure water system is no exception. The Ettore EZ1 Pro+ is a robust water filtration workstation that offers a clear cost advantage over multi-stage systems. It's eco-friendly, too! Reduce your operating costs and greenify your business with the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System.

The Ettore EZ1 Pro+ system cover has six fastening screws with an ergonomic star knob design for easy and quick opening.

The Ettore EZ1 Pro+ system contains two foam water filter for use at the bottom and top of the vessel, one below and one on top of the resin Fastbag.

EZ1 Pro+ System Knobs
EZ1 Pro+ System Foam

The Ettore EZ1 Pro+ system can be used with an Ettore system resin bag or loose resin can be used. The resin exchange can be carried out easily, quickly and efficiently.

Includes a high quality brass hose adapter to connect to water source.

EZ1 Pro+ System Resin Bag
EZ1 Pro+ System Hose Adapters

With the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ system, two people can clean and rinse at the same time. The system comes with one hose adapter that connects directly to your water fed pole.

Pressure Release Valve.

EZ1 Pro+ System Adapter
EZ1 Pro+ System Pressure Valve

The Ettore EZ1 Pro+ System is equipped with conductivity measuring device that allows constantly monitors the outflowing water quality.

Adjust the parking pole by opening and closing the clamp on the back of the tank.

EZ1 Pro+ System Measuring Device
EZ1 Pro+ System Pole Adjustment

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