Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with ABC Window Cleaning

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President) with Jacob Wallace (Vice President)of ABC Window Cleaning

In this segment of Ettore’s Live Q&A series, Executive Vice President Wayne Schultz speaks with Jacob Wallace of ABC Window Cleaning Supply. Jacob’s parents started ABC Window Cleaning Supply nearly 30 years ago. Today, Jacob is Vice President of his family’s business which has established itself as a leading supplier of window cleaning tools and accessories.

IWayne and Jacob talk about what it is like to be part of a multi-generational company in the tight-knit window cleaning industry. The discussion then turns to the iconic Ettore Backflip, the popular multi-purpose window cleaning tool which Ettore recently updated and improved (with Wayne providing insight into how Ettore manufactures and tests its tools to make sure they meet the requirements of professional window cleaners).

Wayne also explains the process of producing “special edition” products (in different colors and/or slightly modified styles, for example) for different occasions and different markets.

Want to learn more? Watch the segment for answers to popular questions, like:
Q: “Has Ettore thought about making ‘high end’ tools?”
A: “Yes, our high-reach poles and pure water system for example. But we have many window cleaning pros who prefer a simple Ettore brass squeegee over anything else!”

Q: “Is Ettore going to come out with any colored rubbers?”
A: “Rubber doesn’t actually color. The different colored squeegee rubbers that you see on the market aren’t actually rubber, they are silicone.”

Q: “My squeegee is streaking. How often should I change my rubber?”
A: “As we say at ABC Window Cleaning Supply, ‘if your squeegee is streaking…it’s time to change your rubber!’ ”

Also joining in the conversation is ABC customer Jimmy Keithley of Outlook Window Cleaning who explains his equipment choices when doing low-rise vs. high-rise work. Watch the full segment and join us for future Q&A sessions!