Ettore’s Unparalleled and Unconditional Product Guarantee

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President)

Ettore Products Company has been making quality products and backing them up since 1936. While window cleaning tools and technology have changed in the decades since Ettore Steccone first invented the modern-day squeegee, one thing has not: Our promise to you.

All our products, including the revolutionary Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System, are backed by our unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee. If our products do not perform as promised, our customer service team—led by Diane Smahlik, daughter of our company founder and namesake Ettore Steccone—will make things right.

So why not give the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System a try? As the most lightweight, portable and sustainable pure water system on the market, it offers a clear cost advantage over multi-stage systems and is eco-friendly too.

Visit our YouTube channel for additional feature segments on the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System. The result is quality pure water for sparkling clean windows, every time.