Window Cleaning Tips: How to Quick Adjust Your Squeegee Channel Spacing

Jorge Aguilar with Empire Highrise USA demonstrates how professional window cleaners in the field can quickly adjust the channel spacing on their Ettore squeegees to ensure streak-free results.

Jorge has a thumb of rule when adjusting spacing on channels and handles. Here is what he says,

“We're going to show you is something that's pretty basic that happens in the field all the time but the new guys may not know about. It's really good to show them and it's fairly simple to solve, but it's one of those things that the guys [new employees] are just like I'm not sure why I'm getting these streaks in the middle.”

He continues by explaining in detail “what happens is if a guy has his channel off by any means…so let's just say the channel is right here [slated far to one side] and the guy doesn't know it; he's going to clean very nicely with this side [opposite end of the channel] and there's not going be enough pressure point here [slated end] but there's going be off right about here. Where he's going to be leaving some streaking in the middle, so what happens is not solid enough to be able to put enough pressure altogether so it’s just not centered.”

Window Cleaning Squeegee Channel Adjustment

Jorge manages to explains with his hands, “The easiest way to know if it's centered or not, since we don't have any measuring tools or anything in the field it's just by using your hand, so here to here I'm able to reach from the corner to this piece [center] here in the middle of the handle right, so we would just do the same the other way.” He manages to show the process again, “so I'm going do it where it's really off right the guys having some issues leaving some streaking in the middle doesn't know why the reason is because it's not centered. So if I go like this and then I move that over here then I'm completely off. All it is it's just moving it over try to get it centered and being able to measure one more time.”

Window Cleaning Squeegee Channel Center Adjustment

These simple tips and tricks are easy to use when you’re on the job and do not have tools to center channels perfectly. Like Jorge explains, it’s an easy adjustment for whenever you drop your squeegee or its sliding down because tightening was loose. Very simple problem to solve just be aware of streak and make your adjustments accordingly.

Window Cleaning Squeegee Channel Offset Adjustment

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