14 inch Nylon & Boar's Hair Brush
18 inch Nylon & Boar's Hair Brush
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Nylon & Boar's Hair Brush

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The Aquaclean nylon and boar's hair brush has soft bristles to remove any dirt or debris from any window or surface. The water jet are more from high quality brass fittings that sprays water just enough to cover large lengths of windows or surfaces. Keep in mind that the 14 inch brush only has a single pair of jets, while the 18 inch has a double pair of jets.

Nylon & Boar's Hair Brush Details: 

  • Aquaclean brushes combine nylon and boar’s hair bristles that leave glass perfectly clean.
  • All water jets are made from high quality brass fittings.
  • Angle adapter not included.
  • The brush are available in 14 inches (#9014)and 18 inches (#9018).