REA-C-H Pole Conversion Pole

Rea-c-h Pole Conversion Pole

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This kit was created for those to convert there regular poles to water fed pole. The kit combines our revolutionary Aquaclean brush, pole tip, angle adapter and quick connect hose that allows you to utilize every Ettore REACH pole in your arsenal and adapt it to pure water cleaning. Now we offer a solution for pole lengths from two feet to 65 feet, all using the same performance proven Ettore technology.

Rea-c-h Pole Conversion Pole Details: 

  • 14 inch nylon and boars hair brush
  • Angle Adapter to attach brush and pole together
  • Pole Tip
  • Hose Clips to secure with pole
  • 30 Foot Hose
  • Best use with Professional Rea-c-h Extension Poles