Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ Replacement Fastbag
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Replacement Fastbag (for Aquaclean EZ1PRO+)

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Ettore Fastbag Resin Bags fit our Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ system. These Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ Fastbag DI filters are made from a water-permeable material and contain a pre-proportioned amount of ultra high quality, high capacity premium grade Virgin Mixed Bed resin to produce pure water in the fastest and most efficient and longest lasting way. These bags allow users to speed up the resin change process by up to 10X by simply removing the bag with expired resin and inserting a new one. Because of the high Quality Mixed Bed Resin we use, the expired resin can be recycled and re-used again.

Replacement Fastbag Resin Bag Details: 

  • No more time consuming emptying, rinsing, and filling up of narrow filter cartridges
  • No need to change the resin in advance before it has fully expired
  • Quick Change resin bags give you the flexibility to switch out bags at exactly the right time, in seconds
  • The pre-proportioned size of quick change resin bags allow you to purchase and use only the exact amount of resin that you need
  • Packed for ease of storage and transportation with sewn in handle on every bag

Introducing the most portable & sustainable Pure Water system Ever!

A water-shed moment in the history of pure water technology! The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ is more than just our latest pure water system-with a single regenerated resin filter, it’s only half the weight of other systems. Regenerated resin requires only a single purchase and then you can regenerate over and over again. It’s a clear cost advantage over multi-stage systems and it’s eco-friendly too. Reduce your operating costs and Greenify your business with the Aquaclean EZ1PRO+.

Fastbag System - Ez1 Pro+

The FastbagTM: The Heart of the System

The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ is equipped with the Ettore Fastbag system. This innovative system allows for quick and easy replacement of the 3.3 gallon mixbed resin. The Fastbag can be filled with either regenerated mixbed resin or 1-way disposable resin. Your local distributor can provide resin replacement services. Using regenerated mixbed resin will substantially lower the cost of operation and is a “green” solution as the mixbed resin can be re-generated over and over again.

Run Two Poles at Once!

Most Pure Water systems operate one pole marginally without the option of an added pump. The Aquaclean EZ1PRO+ uses a patented flow design that produces optimal water flow that enables the operation of two poles at the same time without having to have expensive pumps or the burden of trying to find electricity to power the pumps. Once again Ettore provides a clear path to improve efficiency and ultimately save money!

Aquaclean Pole

Video: Unboxing the Aquaclean EZ1PRO+

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