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Solar Panel Cleaning with Ettore Products


olar Panels have become an alternative to power your home or business for a better benefit to your electric bill and to the environment. If you don't know, solar panels convert sunlight (either cloudy or sunny days) into electrical energy which then concentrates solar radiation that can generate electricity for immediate use or storage. With having panels on your roof and consistent weather changes through the year the solar panels can get dirty thus affecting the power of electricity which can be slowed down that is why having them clean consistently helps performance. Ettore Products can help with that problem since we invented the squeegee but also have the tools to clean solar panels just like how we help clean windows. If DIY is not for you then hiring a professional to help clean solar panels with ease with just one simple call. 

How having dirty Solar Panel affects efficiency: Having dirty solar panels is fairly similar to having dirty windows, for example having grime on windows really hinders the view from the inside when looking outside because of all the smudges on the glass. Moreover, the slime on the solar panels from the weather changes really affect the performance on how quickly that sunlight turns into energy. According to senior scientist Lin Simpson, “Depending on what area you’re in, you can have different minerals that are deposited as dust on the surfaces. Once it goes through the cementation process, it can become much more difficult to remove to where even a strong rain won’t remove it.” Furthermore, “If you brush the dust off these panels at a sufficient rate, it does keep them pretty clean and you don’t get the cementation forming. That requires you to clean them off everyday or every other day or so.”

DIY Solutions To Clean Solar Panels: Here is a list of products that Ettore sells that can help clean solar panels, however keep in mind that all of these options are DIY meaning you're responsible for your own well being and safety. 

Squeegee, washer, pole combo: Ettore provides a variety of squeegees from professional to consumer although for solar panels the homeowner will need the biggest squeegee and scrubber available to be able to clean faster. Few recommendations would be in 18 inches like the All Purpose or ProGrip Squeegee and 18 inch Mighty Window Washer or ProGrip Washer. Furthore, to combine these tools with a pole we have a few options like our REACH Poles and All Purpose Poles. 

Backflip: The Ettore Backflip is a multi tool both a squeegee and scrubber in one that can be used in a lot of different ways.Instead of clipping and unclipping between tools with a simple flip of the wrist the backflip can clean in half the time.

REACH Pole Conversion Pole: This kit was created for those to convert their regular poles to water fed poles. The kit combines our revolutionary Aquaclean brush, pole tip, angle adapter and quick connect hose that allows you to utilize every Ettore REACH pole in your arsenal and adapt it to pure water cleaning. Now we offer a solution for pole lengths from two feet to 65 feet, all using the same performance proven Ettore technology. 

Aquaclean: Carbon Fiber Pole is the most powerful water-fed pole you can buy. The revolutionary Carbon Fiber design provides greater rigidity at longer lengths than any other pole on the market, allowing for effortless brush control. Each pole has an aluminum outer tube that adds strength when extended and protects the carbon fiber inner poles when fully retracted. 

Pro/Cons of hiring a Pro: The easier route to take but the most expensive is hiring a company to come to your home and clean your solar panels. These are professionals that you are paying for their expertise on how to remove any sort of grime on the surface of the panels. This is why hiring a professional cleaner can be the expensive choice although they will leave the solar panels looking clean and excellent to efficiently generate power at a faster rate compared to when they are dirty.

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