Window Cleaning Tips: How to Use the Single Stroke Technique with the Ettore Backflip

Professional window cleaner Jorge Aguilar with Empire Highrise USA demonstrates how to use the single stroke technique with the Ettore Backflip combination tool. He explains, “We’re going to talk about an Ettore tool but at the same time we're going to incorporate some tips and tricks for training new employees, so this here is the backflip. The backflip is able to be used in three ways:

Jorge goes on to explain the different ways to use a backflip,

 "One is this way here yeah you're able to wet the glass and dry the glass all at one time. Second, “you're also able to use it as a separate tool right so you're able to clean on the ground and be able to move along and clean all the way through on the ground. Lastly," “The coolest thing about this tool and the reason why I like it so much is that you're able to use it on a pole, so not only are you able to use it on the ground but you can use it at height as well.

Jorge goes on to show the versatility of the backflip squeegee, “I'm going to do the top glass take it off of the pole and able to finish your job down on the ground without an issue. So using the same tool we're going to actually move over to the training side this is something that us business owners we want to be able to bring in guys in the field competent enough to be able to produce money. Make the company money.”

Backflip Combo Tool Cleaning Window

He continues to explain the process of training, “obviously when we talk safety and all that in the shop but once you get on the glass then the guy is you know supposed to produce. What we're supposed to do is provide high-quality service along with the high quality products, so the easiest way to show a new employee how to clean a glass is what we call single strokes or side strokes.”

Jorge demonstrates the two different techniques he mentions and shows in detail on how to clean, “What you do is you wet the glass this can also be used by homeowners or anybody else that wants to just clean their mirror or something like that. This is the easiest way to clean a window and not leave any streaks.” He explains, “so you wet the glass you've got to dry the rubber and dry the side [of the window] and then do a straight pool all the way through there's a very critical moment here at the end where you have to close is what we called it you do a close.”

Backflip Washer Scrubbing Window
Backflip Wiping Window

Repetition of the cleaning process, “I'll show you one more time if you dry the rubber and you clean the edge [of the window] you need to make sure you overlap so that way you don't leave that streak and then you pull at the end you want to make sure you close. One more time clean the rubber clean the side make sure you overlap the water with the squeegee and do a straight pool and then close.”

Jorge goes on the show the process in detail multiple times and explains the step by step from beginning to end. These two technique are perfect for any homeowner or DIY person whom wants to clean they’re windows without hiring a professional. Make sure to purchase the correct tools and practice your technique.

Backflip Washer on a Pole Scrubbing Window
Backflip Squeegee on a Pole Wiping Window

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