Coastal Clean Up Day 2022

Coastal Clean Up Day with Alameda Clean Water Program.


alifornia Coastal Cleanup, endorsed by the California Coastal Commission, takes place on the third Saturday of September, joining the International Coastal Cleanup orchestrated by the Ocean Conservancy. This significant event raises awareness about the marine litter problem while fostering community engagement. California Coastal Cleanup Day stands as the largest volunteer event in the US, and International Coastal Cleanup Day holds the distinction of being the largest volunteer event globally. 

At Ettore Products, we have made substantial efforts to embrace eco-friendly practices. Situated on the picturesque coastline of San Francisco Bay in Alameda, we are committed to being a part of the solution, actively involved in removing plastic waste from our coastlines. One of our initial steps was to contribute 32" Grip n Grabs and 3.5-gallon buckets to the Alameda Clean Water Program, which works diligently to ensure compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. Collaborating with various pollution prevention programs, wastewater treatment plants, hazardous waste disposal, and water recycling facilities, the Clean Water Program aims to cultivate a culture of stewardship by educating residents and businesses on preventing stormwater pollution. 

Our participation in the cleanup event at Castro Valley Creek Trail became a resounding success, attracting over 90 volunteers, primarily high school students from the area. Under the guidance of Jennifer Trevis and Allison Rodacker, the volunteers were organized into teams of three, with one collecting trash, another holding the bucket, and the third keeping meticulous records for national tracking purposes. The results were remarkable, with 96 pounds of trash and 16 pounds of recyclables collected. 

At Ettore, we allocate considerable resources to minimize plastic waste in our packaging and operations. As manufacturers of various cleaning tools, we believe in educating our customers about the positive impact of investing in sustainable products like our window cleaning tools, not only saving time but also reducing waste, thus contributing to a healthier environment. While our products are crafted from recyclable materials, we do caution customers regarding our squeegees, as they have attached rubber components that may require separate recycling processes. Our plastic products are predominantly made from recycled materials, including ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene (PP), High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and more, further solidifying our commitment to eco-conscious practices. 

For further information, we invite you to explore our Green Initiative page.

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