Coastal Clean Up Day with Alameda Clean Water Program.


ccording to the California Coastal Commission, California Coastal Cleanup is the third Saturday of September. The cleanup brings awareness to the marine litter problem and provides a community event for direct involvement. The event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy. California Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event in the US and International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteer event on the planet! 

As much effort as Ettore Products has put into becoming more eco friendly company we want to be part of the solution and not the problem by removing plastic waste from our coast lines, as the Ettore  Products HQ is in the coastline of San Francisco Bay in the city of Alameda. The first step we took to be part of the community was to donated 32" Grip n Grabs and 3.5 gallon buckets to Alameda Clean Water Program. The Program focuses on: The Program facilitates local compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act, coordinating its activities with other pollution prevention programs, such as wastewater treatment plants, hazardous waste disposal, and water recycling. The Clean Water Program also works with public agencies from around the county to foster a culture of stewardship, educating residents and businesses alike on how to prevent stormwater pollution, via The clean up was held at Castro Valley Creek Trail where it became the the most volunteer event to date with more than 90 people showing up, mostly high school students from the area. Jennifer Trevis and Allison Rodacker had the volunteers group into teams of threes where one would pick up trash, another was holding the bucket, and third would keep record of what trash was being picked up for national tracking.

Official stats: 96 pounds of trash and 16 pounds of recyclables collected. 

 Ettore has committed resources to try its best to eliminate plastic waste from its packaging and operations. As a company that makes a variety of cleaning tools we want to teach customers that investing in our window cleaning tools or any other products can save time and trash that will help the environment. Aside from repacking our products are made out of recyclable materials but be aware when trying to recycle our tools because our squeegees do come attached with rubber. Our plastic products are made out of recycled plastic like ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene (PP), and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). and so on. For more information visit our Green Initiative page.