Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with Diane Smahlik!

In this Live Q&A with Ettore, we catch up with Diane Smahlik who is the owner and currently works in customer service department. Wayne Schultz and Diane go over a few different topics that include growing up in the industry, family, business advice, and much more. Diane started helping her Father as kid putting squeegees together to leading the company, and now handing it off to her children. Today we are celebrating three generations of family business and its 85 years anniversary!

Listen to the topics being discussed in the Live Q&A:

00.00 - 1.06 Introduction
1.06 – 2:27 Diane Growing Up
2:27 – 4:31 Ettore Steccone Early Days
4:31 – 5:15 Ettore Products Logo
5:15 – 8:00 Growing Up Continuation
8:00 – 11:40 Diane and Her Husband Continuing the Business
11:40 – 14:15 Finally Taking Over
14:15 – 20:21 Diane Children Take Over the Business
20:21 – 25:35 Advice for a Success Business
25:35 – 26:34 Closing Regards

Ettore Steccone Working
Ettore Steccone Buidling
Ettore Steccone Cutting Wood