Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with Empire Highrise USA!

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President) with Mike Woraway of Detroit Sponge

In this Live Q&A with Ettore, we chat with Jorge Aguilar who is the owner and lead instructor of Empire Highrise USA window cleaning company. Wayne Schultz and Jorge Aguilar go over a few different topics that include tips to get into the industry, workforce, management, and much more. Jorge Aguilar started cleaning windows by searching the newspaper job ads at the age of 19 years old and fell in love with the profession. Fast forward couple years later he started his own business and hes been thriving ever since.

Listen to Jorges answers from the Live Q&A:

• 1:41 Introduction to Jorge
• 2:30 Jorge start in the Window Cleaning Business
• 9:30 Tips on continue to growth and not getting stagnant
• 10:15 How did Jorge get back to high rise cleaning?
• 11:40 High rise equipment
• 12:27 Starting high rise cleaning business
• 14:15 IWCA and safety training
• 17:17 What does is the cost?
• 19:37 How Covid affected business in 2020
• 27:00 Continuation of IWCA
• 31:03 Jorge thoughts on safety
• 32:20 What does Jorge look for in potential employees?
• 36:23 Entry to Window Cleaning Business
• 37:10 Would you recommend this business?

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