Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with Sheila Smeltzer of A+ Pro Cleaning Services!

In this Live Q&A with Ettore, we catch up with Sheila Smeltzer the owner of A+ Pro Cleaning Services based out of North Carolina. The episode goes into how she go into the Window Cleaning Industry in 1999, her experiences as a women owned business in male dominant industry, how she grew her business and now including her daughters. She goes on to talk about the difficult 2020 was and how she learned a thing or tow she can use moving forward, as well opportunities to grew her business in 2021.

Listen to the topics being discussed in the Live Q&A:
00:00 - 6:07 Introduction
6:07 - 8:40 Beginning the business
8:40 - 11:11 Meeting business coach
11:11 - 12:40 Discussing business 101
12:40 - 16:00 Growing the business with family
16:00 - 20:41 Challenges / Opportunities as a women in male industry
20:41 - 24:00 Success on retaining Employees
24:00 - 30:45 Recap of 2020
30:45 - 37:10 Learning what worked and moving forward
37:10 - 40:41 Advise on becoming successful
40:41 - 42:02 Closing remarks

A+ Pro Cleaning Services Website: