Ettore World Famous Squeegee Rubber

Ettore Products Company is know for their world famous squeegee rubber in the window cleaning industry. Since 1936, Ettore has been providing nothing but quality to its customers around the world. Take a listen to Diane Smahlik, Christopher Smahlik, and other speak highly of Ettore rubber.

Diane: When he [Ettore] was particularly formulating the rubber he somehow instinct, knew what he needed. He had an idea of what it should be, what it should feel like, what should do.

Chris: When you find something that works don't screw with it and I mean you can try to improve on it but you just have to maintain and I think that's why you create partnerships with businesses that you know have the same philosophy you did. That's what we've done with our rubbers we have people and partners that understand that we're not gonna skimp on quality you know, it always amazes everybody to come into the building that we actually have people hand inspecting the rubber. What do you think I mean we're not lying about this you know we know what I needed to clean glass.

Jorge: Quality is the best for us because you know that just it lasts longer, you know it's made with good quality so that's why. We definitely try other things but we just keep coming back to Ettore.

Sherila: Ettore rubber is I believe brings you the most value because of the quality of the rubber material.

Butch: The rubbers are the only rubbers that we use and our technicians will know right away if they get a
different rubber they know right away, where's the Ettore rubbers?

Diane: Rubber is what does it, if you have a crappy piece of rubber you're gonna get streaks on your window. It doesn't really mean it's nice to use our tool but if you use another squeegee without a piece of rubber in it you're going to get a good job because it that's the trick it has to have no imperfections because any little thing will leave a streak and that's what you don't want a streak.

Chris: So I think with our rubber it's just a matter of sticking to the way we've always done things even though a lot of people says we can do it better we can do it differently. It's like no we do it this way because this is the way we know we're gonna get the best possible product out of it.

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