First Live Q&A Session with Ettore Products Company

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President)

This is the first of a series of Live Q&A sessions created by Ettore Products Company as a response to the global pandemic. While in-person trade shows and events are temporarily postponed, these sessions provide us with a valuable way to stay in touch with the window cleaning community and to answer questions that window cleaning professionals have about Ettore tools and how to use them to grow their businesses—both now and in the future.

Join us as Executive Vice President Wayne Schultz answers questions such as:

Q: “Can squeegee rubber be reused or reprocessed back to a reusable edge?”
A: “Technically, yes. Unfortunately, the process is simply not cost-effective which is why squeegee rubber is considered disposable.”

Q: “How do you clean a MicroSwipe duster?”
A: “The easiest way is to rinse the duster with water and hang to dry (do not place in a clothes dryer).”

Q: “What are the best storage conditions for Ettore squeegee rubber?”
A: “Store Ettore rubber away from sunlight, ideally in a cool dry place such as a drawer.”

Also joining the call is invited guest Gabriel Gutierez of Gabe’s Spotless Window Cleaner in Tuscon, Arizona. He and Wayne discuss the popular Ettore Backflip combination tool, which is a favorite of professional window cleaners and home cleaners alike.

Want to learn more? Watch the full segment and join us for future Live Q&A sessions.