Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with Detroit Sponge & Chamois

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President) with Mike Woraway of Detroit Sponge

Ettore Products Company and Detroit Sponge & Chamois team up for this latest Live Q&A session. Tune in to listen as Wayne Schultz (Ettore) and Mike Waroway (Detroit Sponge) talk about the history of window cleaning and what it is like to work for multi-generation companies that trace their roots back to the hard-working immigrants who founded them.

In this segment, Wayne and Mike talk about the industry and the resilience of the professionals who keep it going—even during an international pandemic! Also, Mike shares the fascinating history of natural cleaning sponges and their role in window cleaning history.

Additionally, Chris Ray of Vineyard View Window Cleaning joins the segment from the field (in beautiful Napa, California) to share his story and experience using the Ettore EZ1Pro+ Pure Water System.

Watch the segment to learn tidbits such as:
• “Where does Ettore see itself in 5 years regarding product innovation?”
• “How do you pronounce the name ‘Ettore’?”
• “What is the future of the window cleaning business?”
• “How has the EZ1Pro+ Pure Water System improved your window cleaning business?”

Watch the full segment and join us for future Q&A sessions!

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