Ettore Products Company Live: Q&A with J. Racenstein Company

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President) with Doug Apt of J. Racenstein Company

Ettore Products Company teamed up with Doug Apt of J.Racenstein Company for this Live Q&A session to answer caller questions about all things window cleaning related (including the perennial question, “How do you pronounce “Ettore?” Jump to 04:10 to find out!).

Also joining the call is guest Scott Ehrenzkranz from Texas Window Cleaning Company.

Tune in to learn tidbits such as the following:
Q: “How does Ettore shine its brass and stainless squeegees?”
A: “During the manufacturing process we place them in large vats of stainless-steel marbles where the vibration polishes the metal.”

Q: “Does someone really hand inspect every blade of Ettore rubber?”
A: “Yes. And we do six million feet of rubber a year!”

Q: “What do the wings in the Ettore logo represent?”
A: “The Ettore wings represent a squeegee flying across glass, making the window cleaning professional’s job easier and faster!”

Watch the full Q&A episode to learn more about Ettore and J. Racenstein’s commitment to providing the professional window cleaning and cleaning industry with the best tools available.