Ettore Products Company: Pure Water Systems Pioneers

Wayne Schultz (Executive Vice President)

Window cleaning professionals know that Ettore Products Company pioneered the modern day, single blade squeegee in 1936. Nearly 50 years later, in the early 1980s, we focused our attention on taking the complicated pure water systems that were on the market and simplifying and streamlining them into what has become the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System.
Today, the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System is the most lightweight, portable, and sustainable pure water system on the market. Small but mighty, the system features a patented flow design that produces enough pressure to run two poles at once without an external pump. Watch as Executive Vice President Wayne Schultz explains the mechanics of the EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System which comes fully assembled and requires just a few small adjustments before it is ready to use in the field. 

Its features include:
• Portable and lightweight
• Reusable and sustainable resin filter
• Supports two poles on a single unit
• High pressure with superior water purity
• 3.3-gallon demineralization capacity
• Stainless steel pressure housing

Visit our YouTube channel for additional feature segments on the Ettore EZ1 Pro+ Pure Water System. The result is quality pure water for sparkling clean windows, every time.